Friday, September 19, 2014

As Of Late...

I have been horrible at posting as frequently as I used to. I just have not had the energy! I am 35 1/2 weeks pregnant (the 1/2 counts!), and it's been all I can do to grow this little dude, keep this other little/big dude alive, and then the five million other things I feel like I'm constantly keeping up on. I do have some really fun reviews in the works for you coming up in the next couple weeks, so stayed tuned!
But for now...
What we've been up to! 
Trying to keep this little dude/man entertained while simultaneously doing everything I can to not over heat, stay hydrated, breathe, and hold my pee in. I kid you not, I have used more public restrooms in both my pregnancies combined than I ever have in my whole entire life. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it. Not fun. It's all I do and I've popped more squats in places I dare not admit to avoid accidents. Oh baby, my bladder must be extremely comfortable. I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have not! Add taking a toddler in to public restrooms, and begging him to not touch this, or please don't touch that, and I kind of want to cry. Why have I still not resorted to Depends??? One time he walked straight to the urinal (PS, I HATED that there was a urinal in one of the bathrooms I succumbed to use), and put both of his chubby little hands at the bottom of it. Trying my hardest to hold my germ-freak composure as well as my pee in, I took some deep breaths and rushed him to the sink to wash off the urine that I'm sure was caked all over his hands. Pregnancy man. I love it, but it's really starting to ware on me. And where the freak has fall gone? Yesterday it was like 95 degrees here, which means it felt like 120 degrees to me. No joke, it really did. C'mon, man!
 I love our days together. We wake up to a frigid ice castle of a house because I get so flippin' hot at night. Sick me me complaining about the heat? So Rad rushes his thoughtful self over to our little red heater in the mornings after we wake up and says, "There you go Mommy! Let's get you warm!" Because heaven knows even I freeze waking up in 55 degree temps. He's such a sweetie. And hello mini WREN!???
 We fill our days drinking smoothies (this one had shredded coconut, chocolate ice cream, avocado, milk, ice, and sugar- yes the chocolate ice cream did not make it sweet enough! It's been one of my faves lately!) and...
 ... cuddling and reading books. Radcliff thought this family looked like our neighbors down the road. Mhhhh. We won't tell them that!
 We went and had dinner at Wren's sister's house a couple nights ago and Radcliff got to picnic it up with his cousins. Boo ya. Nothing like a picnic with R2D2 and an excited Eva! Rad loves his cousins fo life.
 I think I have managed to organize every square inch of our house. One thing I have been meaning to do but hadn't done yet, is weed through all of the clothes that don't fit Rad in his closet, this kid grows like a weed! Wren's sister always passes along her son's old clothes and so it was a great excuse to get cracking on his closet. I think he's good on clothes now for the next year or so. I love getting adorable hand-me-downs! Thanks Willow!
(That crooked bar in his closet is bugging me just looking at it. OCD, I tell you!)
 Mostly I just can't get over the adorable and sweet things Rad does and says every day. I love my boy so terribly much, it just hurts!
 This picture below was me trying to be a cool mom yesterday, taking Rad to the park at 12:30 in the afternoon. WTF was I thinking? I almost died of a heat stroke. Yes, I brought it up again. But I love that I captured the garbage truck behind Rad. Very fortuitous! They're his favorite. And is that a big foot I spot under the pine tree??? Lots of bribing went on yesterday getting him to leave the park.
 And today is Friday, TGIF! Wren got off work early and surprised us with our favorite breakfast food from Eggs In The City. I'd be lying if I said I really didn't almost pass out from happiness. Like really. It doesn't get much better than that!
I hope you all have an amazing weekend and get to sneak in a nap or two. Or three!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Just Him and I

Although I cannot even wait to get my hands on this new little guy, the closer my due date gets (next month, agh!), the more bittersweet I feel towards the winding down days with just Radcliff and I. We really are just the best of buddies. Over the last couple months he has become the most easy, agreeable, sweetest guy ever. Terrible twos? Pshhh. He's easier now than he's ever been. He's constantly telling me thank you for making him meals and squealing, "This is delicious Mommy Girl! Thank you!" Whenever I get dressed, he tells me how beautiful I look and says, "That dress looks goooood Mommy Girl. I like it!" He literally kills me with all the adorable things he says. He's such a sensitive little sweetheart. He's not messy, and always helps clean up if he is. He loves helping with anything and everything. The other day he helped me weed for an hour, and move all these big rocks from one flower bed to the other. He's such a tough guy while being so calm and observant at the same time. I love all of his amazing little traits.

Our days have been so low key lately because I have just simply not had the energy to do much., but he's just such a champ about it. He can drive his cars around the house for hours, it's unreal! We take long baths learning our letters and numbers (the water toys, best investment ever, thank you Target!), and have long talks about everything under the sun as we eat breakfast and lunch together, just the two of us. He's wise beyond his years and so with the program. I love it. And then there is our cuddling time, smashed up against each other, as we watch Daniel the Tiger (pictured above). He loooves cuddling, and always says, "Mommy, let's cuddle." I just want to eat him! 

These moments are so special to me and I'll always hold them close. I know once the new baby comes we won't be able to take our sweet precious time talking at the dinner table, or taking half hour baths, or cuddling all morning, so I really want to take advantage and enjoy every last minute with just us! Radcliff, it's been a good ride just me and you buddy! I'd have a million if I knew they'd be just like you and you're really going to be the best big brother ever!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Park City Day!

We kicked Labor Day weekend off early this year when Wren took Friday off and we headed to Park City for the day! Sometimes it's so nice to just get the heck out of dodge. We drove up Big Cottonwood and dropped Wren off at the top to ride down and meet us in Park City. As Rad and I drove over Gaurdsman Pass, and down through Deer Valley, we were surprised by all the changing orange leaves that we saw! It is such a pretty drive, so if you live in the area you should definitely head up there. Rad and I strolled up to the Alpine Slides and watched all the rides and Alpine Sliders. Maybe next time we'll take him on them! 

After we met up with Wren, we drove to his sister's house, who lives there, and Rad had the time of his life playing with his cousins while we talked to Allyssum and Ryan. What a fun day! Rad didn't even take a nap which is a rarity for him. But he did sleep in till noon that day, so you know. I guess it wasn't that crazy. And to top the day off, he went to bed at a whopping 9:30. Another rarity! So Wren and I were even able to watch an entire movie. Oh ya! But half way into the show we started to miss him, so I think it's okay he usually stays up so late. We're the three amigos! 

So sad the long weekend is over, hope you all got to do something fun fo yo-selves!  

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

New Bathtubs and Pregnancy and Weather and Just Stuff.

This picture of Radcliff pretty much sums up how our lives have been going this last week...

Wren got the bug to tear out the old bathtub over the weekend (cheers, applauses, shrieks, hooorahs!) 
Looking at this picture kind of makes me want to puke. And this is it scrubbed clean. Wren said if he was going to tear it all out he at least he wanted it clean. The only guy that would clean before demolition. I think it was mostly because he wanted Rad and I to have one last clean bath before it was all torn out. I love him. But let me tell you, that scrub job was beyond pointless about one second after he took the ax to the tile. I was straightening my hair (you know all the normal things you do three feet away from demolition), and the dust immediately filled my lungs. To say the bathroom was a disaster is an understatement. My mom stopped by, and walked Radcliff up there to see the progress and he looked up at her and said in the most distressed, little raspy voice, "Whoa Cha Cha, WHOA. This looks soooooo bad", as he stared in horror at all the old tile laying in his beloved bathtub (him and I still take two baths everyday so just imagine...) He kept saying, "What we gonna do Cha Cha???? What we gonna DO!?" I love him so much. Wise beyond his years, that one.

Once Wren stripped everything down, we came across the most amazing red brick. My Dad was like, "You've gotta find a way to leave that", so that we're doing. Think exposed brick, wood beams, and light gray/white, wood-looking tile. I'm just so terribly excited! I LOVE BATHS! My Dad came and helped Wren all day Sunday so we could get the water running (showering with the hose was no bueno!), and let's just say the pipe coming out of the wall that still remains faucet-less until the tile is up, is like the best bidet ever. TMI??? It shoots straight out at the opposite wall, it's pretty hilarious. It sprayed Rad in the eye today and he exclaimed, "My brown eyeeeee, Mommy girl!" Also, the day my Dad came over to help, he could tell Radcliff was a little on the fritz so did what any good Grandpa would do and said, "Radcliff!? Let's go get a semi-truck!" Off went Slick and Rad to K-Mart and Whole Foods to gets semi trucks and lunch for us. A guy even asked my Dad if he was Rad's Dad, and he was beyond pleased. Anyway, thanks for all the help with the tub and Rad, Dad! You're bomb!
And of course I'm obsessed with every inch of Wren's handyman self. That guy, it's Wednesday and he's still going at it strong, laying the tile tonight. It's love.

If you thought the bathroom was a wreck, so was the rest of the house...
Radcliff and I promptly cleaned it all up Monday morning. I just couldn't deal. I love my little helper! 

And let's not forget about New Baby growing like a little weed in my tummy.
 33 weeks and counting! I can't believe we are almost to September and then I can say, "I'm due next month!" I can't wait to meet this new guy. I already love him so much. He's a mover and a shaker and keeps me up late into the night and early in the morning. I'm thinking tap dancer, maybe? The heart burn has slowly started to creep in, but nothing in comparison to my pregnancy with Radcliff. I suffered from that dang heartburn pretty much my entire pregnancy, and by the time I was where I'm at now, I swear I could have breathed fire. And had to sleep sitting up. That was fun.

Babies I tell you! Worth every second of it though! And the weather tonight??? HEAVENLY! I think I may have just survived the summer! It's a little Christmas miracle I tell you. 
Let's go get hot chocolate Rad! And a flannel. I deserve a new shirt ;)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Do Any Of You Other Moms Ever Feel Like This???

(Let me take a picture of myself in my natural habitat. The kitchen. Surely I'll eat, sleep, and die here at the rate I'm going... Boys are hungry!)

Since pushing out an 8.2 pound Radcliff two years ago (he ripped me apart in ways that will never be the same again, TMI!?), it's been hard for me to leave his and Wren's side, like ever, to take breaks for myself. I feel like every minute I have with my little family of three is precious time and I just hate missing out on anything! Thankfully, Wren really urges me often, to go and have some fun with girlfriends, sisters, or just on my own, while him and Rad have their man time. Geez I married a good one. He knows way more about me than I know about myself and when it's time for me to step back and have a break. Because when he took Radcliff to mutual last night with him, I headed down to City Creek to do a little shopping, and it was just what the doctor ordered.

My friend ended up meeting me there and we shopped and talked and talked talked, and went and got smoothies after (her the healthy green kind, and large and in charge me, a good old root beer freeze! Goll that was good...) and talked some more. Sometimes all you need is a little girl R&R. Can I get an amen?! Someone who is dramatic about all the same things you are. Someone who can talk about the million different shades of color you've been debating adding to your hair, for a half and hour, and not get sick of it. And then a million other little things even the most tender of men would hate subjecting their ears to.

As I drove home, I blasted a CD I burned (from Napster of course) when I was 15 years old. First of all, can I just say my fifteen year old self had impeccable, and I mean, impeccable, taste in music... Just to name a few, David Gray, The Cranberries, Michael Jackson. My 15 year old self made my 28 year old self proud last night. And to think Wren almost threw all my CDs away when we moved. I ought to slap him for even having the thought! But when David Gray's, This Years Love came on, I was immediately taken back to when I first heard the song on Dawson's Creek like a hundred years ago, when Pacey and Joey were swinging on a hammock at night, and it was playing in the background. There's been a love affair with me and that song ever since. Listening to it brought me back to so many fun times of being young and having little responsibility. Staying out till the middle of the night, hanging out with friends, dancing, doing all the things I loved and that made me feel like me!    

Being a mom is the most amazing thing I could have ever asked for. It's also hard. Really hard sometimes. Especially when you're pregnant and don't have much energy to do everything your little toddler wants you to be able to do. Mother's guilt I tell you! And as much as I have loved just throwing myself into this role, sometimes it feels like I've lost a little bit of myself too. After all, everything I did changed, from the minute we had him. So much responsibility landed on our shoulders in a matter of seconds (okay twenty hours of intense labor), but nothing can prepare you for that!

So here's to late nights out, just every once in awhile. Where you can blast your favorite songs, roll the windows down, and remember to throw in a little fun with all that responsibility that's laid out on your big girl plate! It did me good! But then the second I arrived home, I promptly ran into Radcliff's room because I could hear him talking to his 'friends' (stuffed animals) in his crib, which meant he wasn't asleep yet (score!). I got him out, set him on my lap, and asked him all about his night with Daddy while Wren and I listened. As we sat in his dark room, listening to him recount his whole night, I kissed his cheeks a million times and thought to myself, "But nothing compares to this."

Here's that David Gray song too, if you're interested. You should be.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Bear Lake

We drove our bad selves up to our annual Bear Lake vacation this past weekend. From hanging out with his aunties and cousins, playing on the beach, to riding on the boat and getting shakes, Radcliff loved every minute of it. He's turned into the best little traveler and everything is so much more fun when he's around! And he always is. So it's good :) It was fun to just relax, eat and catch up with everyone in our family too. Bear Lake is what summer is all about! Thanks for everything family! 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pointless Nesting Talk That You'll Probably Be Bored By

I'm in full on nesting mode these days. What's with thinking I'll never be able to accomplish anything, ever again, once the baby comes? Maybe because I know I probably won't. It's funny, I've had this drive to get so much done, but haven't necessarily had the energy, so lots of the time I'm left a little annoyed at the never ending list that's playing over and over in my head. 

However, I do feel like I've been able to put a pretty good dent in my list of the littler to-dos. Slowly but surely, right!? I've pretty much given everything in my closet away and I'm sure I'll be sad about it once I'm not pregnant anymore and everything I got rid of, fits. Well, hopefully will fit... Nurse the pounds away my little newborn! Who am I kidding, if he doesn't, Rad will. That kid will never be weened. And it's mostly my fault. I'm so in love with nursing him. And speaking of pounds, what's with me gaining the recommended weight, with this pregnancy and the last, by the time I hit seven months? Looks like we'll be over that recommendation again. But back to my clothes... I wear all of like five outfits at the moment because nothing fits and it just seemed proper to get rid of the rest. Mhhh. The joys of having zero closet space. 

Speaking of, we converted the walk-in closet room back to a regular room to make way for the baby, which means all of everything Wren and I own is in our tiny closet in our room and a wardrobe from Ikea. And you know what? It actually works. I'm so proud that we have weeded through so much and our crap can stay comfortably (together) in one little room. Wren keeps saying, "It's just so nice having my stuff in the same room where I sleep!" Bless his little heart. 

I've gone through all of Rad's clothes from newborn age until now, and got rid of everything I knew I wouldn't use again and sorted everything by age group so it's all ready to put in New Baby's closet when he gets here! Can I tell you how great it is being able to use all the same stuff? It's awesome. 

The linen closet's all cleaned out, all the bathroom drawers and cupboards, I was just hucking things left and right and Wren was staring at me like I'd gone mad. "Sav, are you sure you don't want that???" "Yes sir. Yes I am." I just do not have it in me any longer to keep stuff, even if it's good stuff, that I know I will never use again. What's the point? Same scenario replayed in the basement. I went through every last drawer in our desk, TV console, and hutch and it's down to the necessities. I can finally breathe! Funny how having less stuff is so liberating while at the same time, leaves me wanting to buy more... First world problems for sure. 

Now onto the baby's nursery. Something I'm so excited to start! I didn't think I'd really lean this direction for his room, but I'm kind of feeling the industrial vibe. Trade Furniture has some fun furniture options:
Now what I'm really hoping for is that my Dad will build the baby a new industrial looking crib. Dad!? Holla at your girl!?