Wednesday, March 11, 2015

My Everest Bear

My Everest Bear,

How could I love anything quite as much as you? Holding you, kissing you, squeezing you... These things just aren't enough. I need to bite your cheek off or something. I'm so infatuated with you I can't even deal. You are the the sweetest, most mellow and happy baby. I was looking at you tonight and the word that sums you up perfectly is just 'happy'. You're like Grandpa Dave! That's lucky. It's hard for you to nurse for very long periods of time without latching off, lurching your whole head up, and giving me your adorable, dimpled smile. You are aaaaaalways trying to catch my eye and the second I see you, you smile soooo big. I think you're obsessed with me and I'm obsessed with that. You love brother so much too. The second you hear his voice, you start kicking so fast and looking around trying to find him. He loves his Bearsie Boy so much too. I hope you guys can be the best of friends. Daddy loves you way too much too. He has big fat plans to take you and brother biking and skiing and camping and just anything with him. He asks me all the time if I think you guys will always want to hang out with him and be his best friends. I say, of course! You'd be crazy not to. He's obsessed with his boys and would do a anything for you guys. How lucky you are to have him for your Dad! There's no one that could show their love to you more. You are sleeping like the ultimate champ at night. We put you to bed around 7:00 PM (a complete Christmas miracle for us late owl parents!) and you'll usually only wake up once at night to nurse, and then wake up around 8:00 AM for good. Heaven my boy! You're more of a little cat napper during the day if we're not in the car, or I'm not holding you, but that's okay. It gets us out of the house and on lots of adventures for your busy brother, or makes me stop doing who the hell knows what, and hold you for a good two hour nap (I usually sleep for some of it too. Heavenly!) You are rolling over as of a couple weeks ago, doing the cutest talkies, you love your passy boy, and are getting really good with your fat little hands. You concentrate so hard on grabbing your toys and then bring it straight to your mouth. You are obsessed with sucking anything! If your Passy Boy isn't in, you are sucking any or all of your fingers. It's way too freakin' cute I can't handle it. You are getting pretty good at sitting in your Bumbo, you like your Mamaroo, and love your Lady Bro. We still swaddle you at night and put you in your light blue little sleep sack that makes you look like a nurse. Nurse Bear. You're hit or miss with nursing and I'm not sure if it's so much nursing or just food. You do not eat for comfort (unlike your older brother, it's allllll he wanted to do). You eat out of necessity and the second you're full you're done and wanting to look up at me and smile. Oh your smile! If you're ever crying really hard, needing me and I come to get you, the second you see me, you immediately stop crying and smile and start talking. I swear all your crying is fake. I've still yet to see you get too worked up crying and getting passed the point. You're just so even keel, I love it. Brother will come in your room when you wake up and sing you songs, sometimes for twenty minutes, and you just sit there and smile and squeal. He helps with you so much. He was pretty rough with you at first but he's really learning how to be gentle and sweet. You also love to watch him jump on the couch and drive his cars around your head. 

Thank you for being so easy, Mr. Bear. You've made having two as easy as two could be.

Love your Mommy Gwirl.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

St George with Cousins!

We headed down to sunny St George this past weekend, with two of Wren's sisters and their families, for some majorly needed sun and cousin time! Have I mentioned that Rad's just a little bit obsessed with his cousins? It's the cutest thing ever to watch them together! Wren's sister rented the prettiest house for us right on the golf course and we really just relaxed the entire time. Fantastic food, kiddies playing from sun up to sundown, dance parties, walks, bike rides, bunk bed wrestling, laying out, movie nights, swimming, playing at the park and learning waaaay more than the adults ever wanted to know about each other, were just a few of the things we were throwin' down this weekend. Oh and did I mention that Everest is like the easiest thing ever? #1 stunna. #1 travel-baby. #1 dimple-puss. I just can't seem to get over the perfection that is him! 

We are so lucky to have such bitchin' family members! Now can it be 70 degrees here already??? 

Monday, February 2, 2015

What I Know You Need

So... This week's favorites are:
(Sorry I missed last week!)

1. I have seen lots of people fill in their eyebrows over my long, almost THIRTY year, lifetime (Yikes, thirty?!) Some are good. Some are baaaaad. But it had never even occurred to me to do it on myself. After all, I have theeee thickest eyebrows on the planet. I could pluck 'em every single day and they'd still need to be plucked. In fact, my husband is always saying how the Knudsons have the most distinctive look, and I'm always like, "What's the look???" And he finally pinpointed the obvious... "Huge eyebrows!" Thanks dude. Anyway... Let this be a lesson to you. Even us thick eye-browed people can still benefit from filling them in. It helps shape them and fill in the more sparse areas. I'm obsessed with this gimme BROW, by benefit. It blends in perfectly with my natural color, isn't over bearing, easy to work with and wipe off the mistakes, AND has a little gel to it to keep my long (yes I said long) brows in place. Sometimes they like to curl onto the skin underneath them. It's not sexy. It's way dumb. I get the medium/deep color. It's $22 and you can buy at Sephora, here.

2. K, I know I'm not the first person to fall in love with lululemon leggings, but this is for all the skeptics out there, because I was probably the biggest one of them all. "A hundred dollars for leggings?", I thought... Now that's just stuuuuupid. And I still feel like it is insane even typing it out. But let me tell you what, these Wonder Under Pants (roll downs) (in black), have got to be one of the highlights of my life! I'd be willing to drop $200, maybe $300 (okay that's pushing it... maybe) for these bad boys. After I had Everest, I just felt blah. My stomach was all stretched out and I felt so loose, well... everywhere! But these roll down (high-waisted) leggings seriously sucked all that in and made me feel skinny. And the price of feeling skinny when you're hormonal and tired and have a million dudes at your back for everything all the time? Priceless. I love that they don't have an elastic at the top of the waist band either which makes them suck in your tummy, without cutting it off, if that makes sense. They're so slimming yet so comfortable too. The perfect combo! I've worn and washed them a hundred times already and they look and fit exactly like they did the day I bought them. Also. the materiel doesn't get all bally looking (my biggest pet peeve!). They work whether you're at the gym, running errands, or for a night out on the town with a cute top. So versatile! Invest in a pair. It'll probably be the last pair of leggings you'll ever have to buy. FYI, they say to go up a size from what you normally are, but I went down a size. Nothing bugs me more than a baggy legging. You can buy them here, for $102, on lululemon's site. P.S. I have another pair of their leggings and have tried on almost all of their roll down ones, and I don't like any of them nearly as much as the exact legging I linked to, up there.

3. This Coconut + Lemon, Everyone Lotion, is the best allover body lotion for when I get out of the tub. Why? It smells AMAZING, like a full on beach experience, is the perfect consistency (not to heavy or light), has no weird chemicals or parabens in it, and is huge! Did I mention it smells amazing? I bought mine at Whole Foods for $9.99 or you can buy it online, here, from Target, for $9.99.

4. I've always been a lover of Mac eye shadow, but I particularly love this Pro Longwear Paint Pod eye shadow. It goes on creamy, is easy to blend, and dries in the prettiest shade. It stays on all day and I love the shimmer to it. I want it in every color. But you know... I ain't rich. I have it in the shade, Frozen Violet. You can buy here, for $21.00, on Sephora's website.

Hope you find these posts helpful or just fun. You can see the other two posts I've done, like this one, here and here, if you missed them!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Snowy Hike!

We took the boys for a hike in the snow last week. We were going to snow shoe, but the trail was so packed down, we didn't need to. It was also surpsingly warm, like 50 degrees!? What the... Hence the reason Rad insisted on not wearing a jacket. Mother of the year right here, I know. I can't believe the endurance that kid has. He was out-hiking me! By the end, I was so out of breath, and he was just cruising along like, YOLO! As we were heading down, he started to book it. I looked at Wren and said, "He's going to biff it real soon." Five seconds later, he fell, skidded, and rolled. It was all extremely dramatic, as are most things with him, and he was pretty ticked until we told him he did a front flip, something he's always wanted to learn. After that, he was happy and started walking down like a tough guy.

Sometimes it sounds like a big old pain in the butt to get all of us out of the house, especially when snow clothes for everyone are involved, but we are always so happy when we can get out and enjoy nature! I love my guys!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

What I Know You Need

Hey! I'm excited to share a couple more of my faves with you guys this week! If you missed my first one of these posts last week, check it out here. And again, everything I list in these posts will be things I have and have tried (obviously because I have them). Get it?


1. I'm obsessed with Baublebar jewelry lately. I love their bright, vintage looking style. I have the three items shown above and wear them all the time! They are of such good quality and look cute with just about everything. Earrings are on sale for $20 right now and can be found here. Bracelet on sale for $15 and can be found here. Necklace on sale for $20 and can be found here. Check out all their stuff though! So many fun pieces to choose from!

2. Okay. Two words for ya. Dirty secret. Finding time to do just about anything with my two guys constantly on my six, is really difficult, and that includes washing my hair! I've tried different dry shampoos and this one is my fave by far. Not only does it eat away the grease, but somehow, magically, it gives your hair tons of volume! I always spray it in planning to just throw my hair in a pony, but it honestly makes my hair look so clean, I end up wearing it down. Every time. Who can wear their hair down when it's dirty!? Amazing. You can buy it here on Amazon for $15.50. Or if you're close to me I'll take you to the beauty supply store, I think it's like $10 there. Worth every dirty penny!

3. K, it's so hard finding womens' all natural deodorant. All the ones I've tried either stink, don't stop me from stinking, or give me a rash. But I'm here to tell you, I finally found one that smells amazing, is all natural, AND kicks my B.O. out the winda! Lavanila people! Regular deodorants have some seriously scary ingredients so run, run, run and pick this up for yourself. You can buy it online here for $14, or go into Sephora and try all the different scents. The vanilla grapefruit pictured above is my favorite one, but you know, different strokes for different folks... You'll love it!

4. Now last, but definitely best, is this Naked Coconut, Coconut Bliss dairy-free ice cream. I went off of dairy after Bear was born because it was bugging his little tummy, but what's a girl that eats ice cream every single night to do that can't have dairy? Coconut ice cream. Every time, all day long. You guys... it's BANANAS how good this stuff is! This, by far, is the best brand of coconut ice cream too. I get mine from Whole Foods for $6.99, but if there's not a Whole Foods by you, check out here where the closest place is to you to buy it. It's soooo dumb how good this is.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this! Now go nuts and buy all of it! You won't regret it.