Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Silver Lake with My Boys!!

Tonight I took the boys to walk around Silver Lake. It's always been Rad and I's thing to drop Wren off at the top of Big Cottonwood to ride his bike down, and while we wait for him, we go walk around Silver Lake. We have done this since Rad was super tiny. I can still remember, so vividly, what his fat little face looked like as I pushed him in the stroller up there. He's always been so alert and flabbergasted (I've been wanting to use this word for awhile now just because it's such an awful one!) by the outdoors. Where has the time gone?! 

Well tonight was Bear Boy's first time joining us and, as always, he was an absolute gem. Mr. Happy Baby, I don't think there's anything Bear doesn't like to do! It was that much cooler having double the fun there. Rad was such a sweetheart, saying things like, "Oh my GOSH Mommy! It's such BEAUUUUTY up here!" And talking about everything from the Bushy Tails, to the cut down logs, to admiring all the artists painting the scenery. It was so beautiful!

I'm beyond glad I had our camera. As we were almost back to the parking lot, I was really debating whether or not to get Bear our of his car seat to take a couple pictures of them because the lighting was so perfect. Well I'm SO happy I did! Note to self... ALWAYS GET THE BABY OUT OF THE CAR SEAT EVEN IF IT SOUNDS BUTT NASTY HARD! Ha! Because I will treasure these pictures forever. They capture exactly the special little relationship that these brothers already have. Radcliff is honestly so sweet to Bear. If he ever cries, he's there in a second, helping him put his Passy Boy back in, or handing him toys, or just wrestling him. They wrestle and laugh all day long, and let me tell you, Bear is brutal to Rad! Like kicks him in the face, hard, with his fat little legs! Don't let him fool you. You'll get a fat lip! But Rad just takes it. It's hilarious! Sometimes Rad doesn't wake up in the morning for a couple hours after Bear has, and after about an hour, I'm like, "We need Rad!" He's just so helpful and they have so much fun together! I can't compete! I have two sisters, and one brother, so I have never really gotten to witness the special bond between brothers, and it just makes my heart so happy. I hope they always stay close and above all, that they get to go on lots and lots of adventures together.

They look like twins here!...
 This is how they wrestle! 
Bear's fat legs... I'm making preparations to eat them as I type this!
And that tongue. I'm eating that tongue!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Hiking Willow Heights with My Guys!

Tonight we went on, what has got to be, my new favorite hike. It's up Big Cottonwood Canyon and it's called Willow Heights. The Aspen trees were incredible and there was this beautiful clearing where we walked through a meadow and the views all around were just to die for. We ended at a lake and felt quite accomplished to have made it all the way there with our boys. Rad, man. He's the best little hiker ever, Like out-hiking me by a thousand times! And Bear? Mr. Pleasant no matter where we take him. I just love them so much. And Wren? Sexiest and kindest Daddy ever. Look at him using his muscles to carry both of the hood rats. 

I don't know if there's anything I love more than getting out in the beautiful fresh air with my little family. There's something so therapeutic about being tucked way up there and it helps you realize what the important things in life are. And living less than a minute from the base of the canyon is just the icing on the cake. We plan to hike all summer long up that canyon! Any other hikes that you'd recommend? I seriously love UTAH!